Monday, January 21, 2008

Sushi Party!

My buddy Pat was in town, so it was party time. Hiroko and Rie, Sushi chefs/hostesses extraordinaire, agreed to help make sushi. Hiroko led me through New Sagaya to buy big-eye tuna, octopus, nori, wasabi, miso, and other goodies. I had red salmon fillets from my freezer.

Rie cutting tuna, Hiroko cutting salmon. Rie had already made short work of the octopus:

Hiroko fans the rice as Pat looks on and Rie inspects the start of the miso soup. Hiroko rinsed the rice for about 5 minutes to make it really clear for sushi and added rice vinegar. I was starting to feel like a tourist in my own house!

Rie cutting rolls...

Hiroko showing the proper way to mix the miso into the stock...

Eric was stoked...with a wild-eyed look, he proclaimed, "This is Intense!" and I thought he was going to do a swan dive onto the table! Amy, Peter, and Billy were a bit more subdued, but no less enthusiastic. Eric contributed a VERY fine loaf of homemade bread that didn't last very long.

The kitchen clique:

Doug brought sake, there was an ample assortment of wines and beer, Laurie made a tasty spinach salad, Billy brought some fruit that hit the spot, and I even steamed up some red king crab. Amy brought a beautiful blueberry pie that topped the feast off perfectly. Another world-class Alaskan potluck! Huge thanks to Rie and Hiroko for contributing their time and considerable expertise!

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