Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skiing and Dancing, oh yeah!

Had a fabulous day with Billy, Amy, and Peter skiing "Lips" in Turnagain. It was 3 below at the highway when we were gearing up! I had never skied this hill, so was excited to see it first hand. Bottom line is that we skied 3 runs on the south face in 8-18" of whispy blower powder on top of a firm wind crust - it was so cold the snow just billowed around us as we skied, and seeing Billy come over the rise in his orange puff jacket with all that smoke billowing around him was the (mental) scene of the winter! Even Roxie, Peter and Amy's dog who is usually subdued and a bit serious, was in full-out fun mode. It warmed up nicely up high in the sun, but it was bloody cold at the bottom of the runs in the shade. I got going pretty bloody fast the second run I was so stoked, but the new Verdicts I'm skiing got me through in fine form. The last run down the west face featured deeper powder that we couldn't really feel the bottom of - woohoo....and it was 10 below when we got to the truck - Brrrrrrr!

When I got home, after all that work, I barely had enough time to get cleaned up to go have dinner and partake in the cajun dance with the Savoy Family Band from Louisiana. It was a super fun night with some REALLY nice music and a handful of hot dances and a coupla new dancing partners who have appeared on the scene that were fun. When it ended at midnight my tail was dragging big time and I slept like a bear last night.

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