Sunday, January 20, 2008

High-speed week!

Whew - nutty, high-paced week. Finished the speakers for Ned, which turned into a suitable adventure at the end.....he sanded and finished the boxes, then we put all the drivers back in sound out of the tweeters! Major bummer. So back downstairs to the shop, where we tore the tweeters out of the cabinets and I found, after micro-inspection, that the voice-coil wire was severed between the voice coil and the speaker wire solder cup. We're talking VERY thin-gage wire here. I figured we would need to order new tweeters, but we gamely tore the tweeters apart and, using a wee single strand of speaker cable wire, soldered the wire to the voice coil wire, and soldered the other end to the speaker cable cup. It worked!! Quite proud of ourselves, we tested them again and are still impressed with the incredible range of these speakers.

Teaching the tango class that night (Friday), I was still pretty wound up from the week and needed to consciously relax myself. I'm in the midst of an undefined breakthrough in both my teaching and dancing of tango...haven't nailed it down yet but the result is that I'm generally in a very calm, confident, and patient space which is a revelation for me....I'm not known for such traits, let's say....
Then my buddy Pat Dulin, who I met in Ellensburg in college something like 18 years ago, is up for interviews at UAA. He was a hot skier in his day, so he was psyched to do a day of backcountry skiing here. I set him up with ski gear, he got to meet a whole cast of some of the more colorful ski characters I know, and we went off with Todd, Billy, and Yvonne to Shark's Fin and Wolverine. He showed some of the form I was expecting and it was great to be out with him - we've stayed loosely connected and had some great experiences together climbing and what not. Billy fell into a hole on the way in, and we weren't particularly helpful. Pat is looking on:

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