Monday, May 5, 2008

Korea take 1

(Forgot to bring a card reader or the proper USB cable for the camera, I'll post pix once I get that solved)
The flight from Seattle to Incheon International, about an hour outside of Seoul (despite a 92-mph headwind and 11:15 flight time), went surprisingly fast - I was dreading it but somehow my legs didn't start going nuts until we were on our descent, thank goodness. Incheon airport is very easy to get around in - so in short order I had my rented cell phone and was on the bus heading into Seoul (my first ever cell phone....). I met Hung Yut after a series of calls to pinpoint my location (no street addresses or even names of streets in Seoul - making navigation very sensitive to local knowledge and landmarks), then we went to the milonga. The sound of familiar tango music has a way of taking the foreign edge off of things.... At the milonga I met a handful of cool people and had an engaging conversation with Patrick, an enthusiastic local who speaks good english. A handful of us went to eat afterwards and I passed the "spicey" test that they were all skeptical about. I really don't think the food will be a major issue, although I'm sure it will have its moments. The challenge will be with the language and customs and the fact that I always feel out of place in a big city.

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