Sunday, March 1, 2009

Skiing was out of this world today in the Mint Valley. It was -3F at the car in the morning, but things warmed up when we got into the sun. The snow was light, fluffy, and deep. On the last run the snow blew up into and over my face so many times my face got completely covered and I couldn't see a thing for the last 400 ft. I just did the turn, breathe, turn, breathe routine until the slope ran out. This produces an ice cream headache - my face hurt from the cold! It was so insanely good that me and my two buddies laughed all the way down the hill.

Cold Smoke, blue sky, sunshine

A little closer and you can see the giddy grin

Face shots on every turn!

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EJ said...

Bosh, way to go man. I love reading your blogs and seeing your photos. You live the life others dream of. You are a blessed character. I check your blog almost evernight and show my son what my crazy old roommate is doing in Alaska - Korea or wherever. I miss you pard.