Friday, February 29, 2008

Knee Surgery

Had my highly anticipated left knee surgery this morning. This injury is the possible result of a particular mountain run last summer and has been bothering me a lot ever since, especially on long days in the mountains. It went quickly - I arrived at the hospital at 6:45am and was back home before noon already planning climbing trips for the summer! The doc found a small tear halfway between the inner and outer part of the meniscus. It was small enough that he just cleaned it up and taped it shut to heal. Here's a shot of the "grinder" used to clean the wound up before taping it - pretty wild!

It's cool to look at all the pictures of the tendons, etc. they took - the quality is amazing!

So there wasn't any nasty huge damage, meaning the recovery should be relatively complete and hopefully not too lengthy. The surgeon said no deep knee bends for 6 months. That leaves hope for skiing in April in my world!

Eric baked up an incredible loaf of cocoa and cinammon-laced banana bread just before coming to pick me up. I had set up a bunch of fruits, veggies, chicken, sauces, etc. to cook up a mean meal but the banana bread trumps that for now!

Mom, I wanna go skiing!

But I've got plenty of work in front of me...this just being a very small portion of it. The output of these near-future musical mega-sessions will be unveiled for a national audiance in Seattle in July...

Plus I'll soon have the help of THESE sometime next week, to get me deeper into the music:

I'm already feeling a bit penned up, but I've got plenty of projects lined up so there shouldn't be a boring moment (including being hired to build a large built-in set of cabinets/bookshelves for a friend - it will exercise my woodworking and carpentry skills). Here's to a speedy recovery - I can't wait to go dance, ski, climb with everyone soon!


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leslita valentina said...

Hey Dan! Glad you made it to the tangofest before your surgery, that it went without a hitch and that things are going well-- get healed up quick! You and Stacey better not both be lame ducks much longer.....If I come through Anchorage some time this summer (hopefully around August?) I wanna go for a day hike!
I'm on my way to a milonga here tonight where Avik is guest-DJing, really looking forward to it- my respite from studying statistics all day. Things all smooth here-- crazy busy and super stimulating-- man, I can't believe how much information I'm trying to squeeze into my brain this semester!!!
cheers-- Les